Each organization (manufacturer, authorized representative, importer, distributor, etc.) may request PKN for certification of any product - object of certification for which specific requirements were specified in one or more Polish Standards.


Hardware, software, processed material, service or management system, may be an object of certification.

An access to the certification system offered by PKN is open for every Organization. This concerns not only Organizations that are interested in certification of its products but also certification bodies (CB) that are interested in acquiring the authority of the President of PKN’s to issue PN certificates.

The certification process may be conducted by:

  1. Polish Committee for Standardization - within the whole set of the Polish Standards
  2. The certification body empowered by the President of PKN’s – CB – within the set of the Polish Standards determined in the scope of accreditation certificate or in the other equal document.

The PKN’s management declares impartiality of all PKN activities and Organizations cooperating with PKN in the scope of certification of conformity to the Polish Standard (Polish Standards) and PN certificates granting.

Impartiality of PKN activities in scope of the certification is under the supervision of the Council for Certification. The Council is appointed by the PKN President and supervises if the declared proceedings, eliminating conflicts of interest and minimalizing threats to the PKN impartiality, is effectively implemented.