PKN Anniversary

Building at ul. Świętokrzyska 14 in Warsaw, where the current registered office
of PKN is located

Dear Readers!

The need for unification, improvement of quality, as well as strenghteting the competetivness of Polish industry, which was being rebuilt after Poland had regained its independence caused the matter of creation of a standardization institution to appear more frequently in the public debate. As Prof. Edwin Hauswald wrote, "we had various standards introduced in the past, recognized by 3 countries, so we are currently in the possession of more standards than other countries." Therefore, standardization was very important for the young country rising from a historical maelstrom. One hundred years have passed since that moment. Many things have happened since then, geopolitics has had significant impact on the fortunes of the Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) and the shape of standardization in Poland. The jubilee is a wonderful opportunity to recall the story.

Ewa Zielińska
President of the Polish Committee for Standardization

We invite you to learn about 100 years of PKN history!