48th meeting of European Working Group CEN/TC 239/WG and 28th plenary meeting of Technical Committee CEN/TC 239


On 6-8th October 2014, the Polish Committee for Standardization organized  the 48th meeting of European Working Group CEN/TC 239/WG 1 „Medical vehicles and their equipment – Stretchers and other patient handling equipment” and 28th plenary meeting of Technical Committee CEN/TC 239 „Rescue systems”.

On behalf of PKN President, Ms Ewa Zielińska Director of External Relations Department, kindly welcomed all of the participants.

Discussions at the meetings of WG 1 were moderated by the Chairman Mr Per Kristian Andersen and the Secretary Ms Sabrina Mann. There were many participants from different countries, such as: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the UK. Poland was represented by a group of five people, consisting of nominated experts and invited observers. The meeting of WG 1 was based on panel discussion and referred to many issues important in view of revision of EN 1789:2007+A1:2010, Medical vehicles and their equipment – Road ambulances. The standard includes key requirements for the design, testing, performance and equipping of road ambulances used for the transport and care of patients, and also requirements for patient compartment. All the requirements are now reviewed and the work is at the very beginning.

On the last day, a brief meeting of Technical Committee CEN/TC 239 was arranged. The meeting was conducted by Mr Barry Johns – Chairman of CEN/TC 239. Apart from the delegates, there were attending: Secretary of CEN/TC 239 and WG 1 Ms Sabrina Mann, Chairman of WG 1 and WG 5 Mr Per Kristian Andersen, CEN-Consultant Mr Tony Wilkes, WG 4 Secretary Mr Joakim Falk, WG 5 Secretary Inger S. Jorgensen. The Working Groups presented their outcomes and provided a brief overview on the WGs status, including the current work programme.

All of the participants were satisfied with the discussions that took place and delighted of Polish hospitality, which was supported by members of the mirror Polish Technical Committee for Mechanical Medical Equipment, Tools and Devices. Many of them have announced a return visit to Poland.

Next meeting of CEN/TC 239 WG 1 was decided to be held in February or March, 2015 in Berlin, Germany, whereas, the next meeting of CEN/TC 239 on 07th October 2015 in the UK.