ISO Workshop in Warsaw


iso_workshop_0.jpgThe ISO regional workshop on Marketing and Communication on International Standards was held between 8th and 10th December, 2014 in Warsaw. The event was targeted at marketing and sales officers of national standards bodies, the ISO members.  The workshop was attended by representatives  from the following countries: Albania, Armenia,  Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Serbia, TRYF of Macedonia, Ukraine and Poland.

During the meeting there were discussed issues related to effective communication, intellectual  property rights, role of social media in standards’ promotion and ISO’s support for the activities of their members.

The seminar was conducted by Mrs Katie Bird, Head, Communications and Content Strategies and Mr Régis Brinster, Head, Marketing and Sales, from ISO Central Secretariat. 

The workshop was a great opportunity for participants  to expand  their  knowledge and skills related to marketing , sales and  exchange experience between national standards bodies.