Baltic Standardization Forum - BSF 2018

Baltic Standardization Forum

The Baltic Standardization Forum (BSF) was held this year on August 29-31. This time around, the  host of the meeting was the Polish Committee for Standardization; we invited our guests from Baltic states to Gdansk.

BSF is an annual meeting of representatives of national standardization bodies from Lithuania (LST), Estonia (EVS), Latvia (LVS) and Poland (PKN).

Participants share their experiences, achievements and ideas, which can serve as an inspiration for development or change. Standardization matters are discussed, among others, in the context of cooperation on the international and European arena, practices of developing standards, undertaken marketing activities or implemented IT solutions.

BSF participants are representatives of the management of standardization bodies and delegated employees who are specialists in a specific field. The forum starts with a plenary session, which gathers all attendees, who then split to carry out their activities in thematic working groups.