100 years of PKN!

100 years of PKN!

“We were not the last in realizing the role and tasks of standardization in the economic and social life of the state. At the dawn of independence, the Polish technical world raised the idea of standardization, advocated it and led – as one of the first - to the creation of an institution devoted to these matters of national extent and character” [PKN News, 1948].

Polish standardization has been continuously developing for 100 years and covers more and more areas and aspects. 2024 is a special year for PKN - our institution celebrates its 100th anniversary, Polish voluntary standardization - its 30th anniversary, and PKN's membership in the European standardization organizations - CEN and CENELEC - its 20th anniversary.

On the occasion of the PKN’s Jubilee, we have prepared a subpage where you will learn about the development of Polish standardization and the history of our institution.

We invite you to learn about 100 years of PKN history.